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Dental Care

A dentist tells his patient: "You only have to floss the teeth you want to keep." Well, that's a big motivator!

But dental care isn't that simple. People have questions about correct technique for brushing and flossing.

What about the variety of dental care products that are available on store shelves today? Which products do what they promise? Can any of them actually harm your teeth or gums?

Just a Big Pain in the-Tooth!

Murphy's Law states if something can go wrong, it will -and there is a dental corollary to that. It promises that if there is a bad time to have tooth pain, that's when you'll have it. How about the day before Thanksgiving, or the eve of your vacation?

We can tell you what to do with a broken crown. There are products out there that really will put a stop to that aching tooth. Because there are times when the action you take will mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

The Dentist is Out

We've just talked about the worst times to have dental pain. We can also help you with self-treating tips.

There are products you can use to hold you over until you can get to the dentist's office. There are things you can do if an abscess is imminent.

You Gotta Have a Plan...

It's nearly impossible to get hard facts on just how many Americans have dental insurance, because some polls count only private insurance, and even those plans vary widely.

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control published within recent years show that almost 30% of all Americans-both adults and children-have untreated tooth decay.

Even for people with dental insurance, the benefits are confusing. Most private plans offer free checkups and cleanings twice a year plus some kind of coverage for minimal x-rays. But when it comes to cavities, co-pays and deductibles kick in. Don't even think about needing a root canal or a crown -your insurance is likely to pay only 40-50% of the costs.

On top of all that, the yearly benefit is traditionally not very generous. Have a couple fillings, get one procedure of average difficulty, and you're pretty much done for the year. On this website, we can talk about what people are finding with various health care options.

Payments You Can Afford?

Remember the old school of thought that the dentist will do his work and you'll just send him whatever you can afford every month? Well, forget that.

Many dentists are refusing to accept payments. If you can't afford something up front, you can go without it, or you can finance it with a third party.

As a result, many people are looking for affordable alternatives to replace a missing tooth. People are turning stopgap measures into permanent solutions for broken crowns.

There IS a Solution...

I want this website to be a place where you can come to learn about low-cost or even free alternatives to costly dental care.

There are ways to qualify for free care -you just have to know where to look for the right opportunities. Affordable dental care is within reach of many.

We Make Dental Professionals Smile, Too!

Other parts of this website are specifically directed to those involved in a career in dentistry. What's the latest information available?

If you're interested in a career as a hygienist or dental tech, you'll find resources to help you pass admissions or licensure examinations.

Even if you want to go all the way for your DDS or DMD degree, you'll find information on college scholarships, student loans, educational grants and certain types of credit cards to help you pay for a dental education-or just for dental treatment!

Name That Specialty

How many dental specialties can you name? The DDS is the doctor of dental surgery. The DMD is the doctor of dental medicine (it's from the Latin).

Those two professionals run most of the friendly neighborhood dental practices you're familiar with. But dentists, just like most professionals, can specialize:

There are orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, and prosthodontists.

There are oral maxillofacial pathologists, radiologists, and surgeons. In each of these specialties, there are pediatric subspecialists!

Get Ready, Get Set!

Go to the pages on this website that will address your specific questions.

It is my hope that the information assembled here will clear up a lot of questions in this wide, broad field.

I will also encourage to post your comments and questions, to create a true forum to discuss your concerns and issues.

So smile, read on, and let me know what you think.


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