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AARP Dental Insurance Plan

The AARP dental insurance plan belongs to the American Association of Retired Persons. It is a non-profit organization for those who are 50 years of age and older. This organization provides several benefits for members and dental insurance is one.

The cost of dental insurance is high and for many who may be living on a fixed income such as retirement, the cost of treatment can be an added expense they cannot afford.

This is why AARP and Delta Dental Insurance Company have partnered to provide AARP dental insurance plans for members.

There are different options from which members may choose. Delta PPO Dental Plan, AARP Dental Plan A and AARP Dental Plan B are the options that are available to choose from for affordable dental care. What does each plan offer?

The AARP Dental Insurance Plans

1. Delta PPO Dental Plan

Called Delta PPO Dental Plan since the insurance offered is provided by Delta Dental, this is a plan that allows members the option of choosing a provider and they may also switch providers.

As with most PPO plans offered, Delta Dental has their own network of dentists. Delta Dental has approximately 67,000 dentists. The coverage provided is much higher for dentists within their network; however members can choose a dentist who is not a part of this network.

The cost of the dental care they are responsible for is paid by Delta PPO and you pay your part. All of this is handled by Delta Dental and you do not have to file any claims.

2. AARP Delta Plan A

There are two options for members who choose to go with AARP dental insurance plans.

Plan A coverage includes 100% of procedures that pertain to preventative dental practices as well as diagnostic procedures. 80% of routine cleanings as well as denture repairs are covered. 50% of restorations, for example root canals, oral surgery and fillings are covered.

After a year, an additional 50% coverage is available on:

  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction

  • Dentures

  • Cast restoration

  • Crown restoration

  • Periodontal procedures

Also provided are 100% benefits for accidents related to your dental needs and this has a lifetime maximum benefit of $1000.

The patient pays a $50 deductible for Plan A with the maximum coverage on a yearly basis of $1,350, although the lifetime temporomandibular joint dysfunction coverage can be up to $300.

3. AARP Delta Plan B

Although this AARP Dental Insurance Plan is somewhat similar to Plan A, there are some differences.

The preventative care and diagnostic visits are covered by 80% rather than 100%. The endodontics, oral surgery, fillings, denture repair and periodontal maintenance are all covered up to 50%. Plus the additional coverage for the items listed under Plan A are still covered.

In addition, there is not accident coverage under Plan B and patients will pay a $100 deductible under this plan. The lifetime maximum is $1000 and the lifetime limit for temporomandibular joint dysfunction is still $300 as well.

Am I Eligible for a AARP Dental Insurance Plan?

All members of AARP are eligible to choose an AARP dental plan. In addition, the member can enroll their mate, their children who are dependents and under 26 years of age and any dependent children who are disabled no matter their age.

As long as one of the family members is also a member of AARP, group coverage is a choice. But, there is also the option of only individual coverage or two person coverage.

There is a minimum enrollment period of one year, but within 30 days you can cancel the enrollment if it has not been used by any member of the family.

In addition, if the primary member does not pay the premiums and the coverage is cancelled the whole family can lose their coverage.

An online directory of providers in the network is available online when you go to the AARP dental insurance plan. The search can help you to find a provider in the area that is closest to you with providers listed up to 50 miles from your location.

There is an AARP hotline that can be used for help in finding a particular type of dental care. If you need to see a dentist that specializes in certain problems or procedures, this is the best place to call for the help you need.


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