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Affordable Dental Health Insurance

Searching for an affordable dental health insurance? We've all probably seen ads for dental health insurance.  

Some people have dental insurance, but many others do not. 

Truly fortunate people receive dental health insurance as one of the perks of their jobs, an employee benefit similar to medical health insurance plans that are in whole or in part paid for by their employers. 

Other people who have dental health insurance pay the premiums (the cost of the insurance policy, often paid in monthly installments) themselves, understanding coverage for their dental expenses is important. 

Many others do not have any dental health insurance coverage, however.  Some feel the premiums are too costly and they can't afford to pay them.

Others might be able to afford the premiums but don't feel as though they can justify the expense; and still others simply don't understand how an affordable dental health insurance can help them.

Why a Dental Insurance Plan?

If you don't have dental health insurance because you don't feel the cost is justified or you don't understand how it can help you, you might be looking for answers to this question:  "Why should you have a dental insurance plan?" 

Keep reading, because this article will give you a short explanation of some of the benefits you could enjoy if you obtain affordable dental health insurance.

You would be protected from unanticipated expenses associated with accidents and other unexpected injuries affecting your teeth. 

Two examples are the cost of reconstructing your teeth after a serious car accident or the cost of repairing or restoring a tooth you break while you're eating.

Preventive Care is Covered

In addition, all or a portion of the cost of your routine, preventive dental care such as routine checkups, dental x-rays, teeth cleanings, dental sealants and fluoride would be paid for. 

Unlike some types of insurance (car insurance or your homeowner's policy, for example) that only pay if you experience an unexpected, unpredictable loss, most dental insurance plans are intended to allow you to receive routine, ongoing preventive dental care at a highly affordable cost. 

These costs may not be major expenses on an individual basis, but they certainly add up over the course of a year, and an affordable dental health insurance plan can definitely soften the blow.

Dental insurance carriers are willing to underwrite the cost of routine, preventive dental care (treatment that is not necessitated by an accident or some other unpredictable event) because they recognize that the need for most dental care arises from initially minor dental issues that are not detected and addressed in a timely manner, not from injuries due to accidents or other unexpected events. 

These companies realize that by encouraging a covered dental patient to obtain routine, preventive dental care, the patient will have a much lower likelihood of requiring more extensive, expensive dental care in the future.

By paying all or a portion of the cost of that patient's routine dental care, the dental insurance carrier is more than likely reducing not only the patient's future dental expenses, but the amount the company will need to pay in the future. 

The possibility of reducing the need for more extensive (and expensive) dental treatment in the future by encouraging covered patients to obtain routine dental care now is the reason so many dental insurance plans are willing to pay for all or part of the costs of that routine treatment

This practice not only helps you pay for your routine dental expenses, it also helps the dental health insurance companies themselves, by potentially preventing the need for them to pay for far more expensive dental procedures in the future.

Cost of Non-Routine Dental Care

The proactive approach described above, taken by so many dental health insurance companies, explains why dental health insurance plans are often structured in a way that requires the covered dental patient to pay a larger portion of the cost involved with non-routine treatment.

For example, a covered patient will probably pay a higher percentage of the cost of dentures, dental crowns or fillings than the percentage he or she would be required to pay for routine, preventive care such as checkups, teeth cleanings and x-rays.

Some affordable dental health insurance can make ongoing, routine dental care economic for patients while allowing the insurance carriers to keep their costs of providing coverage as low as possible. 

Covered individuals benefit from that as well, because insurance companies can pass their savings on to their plan members in the form of lower premiums

This is an important concept to understand when you're trying to find affordable dental insurance.


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