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Does a simple bad breath test to detect halitosis exist? Halitosis is the medical term for a good old-fashioned case of bad breath. 

As you probably already know, bad breath is fairly common, and (unfortunately) you probably know some people who have it.  

You might even have bad breath yourself.  Halitosis definitely isn't something you want, but depending on its cause, a good daily oral hygiene routine can go a long way toward preventing or eliminating it. 

Of course, you need to know you have halitosis before you can take steps to eliminate it, and that means people are always looking for an easy bad breath test to tell if they have it.

Some people suffer from halitophobia.  That isn't a typo; halitophobia is the medical term for an irrational fear of having halitosis, or bad breath.  People who suffer from this irrational fear, as well as people who actually do have bad breath, look for ways to confirm whether their breath is, to put it delicately, unpleasant.

Many methods are available to determine whether you have bad breath.  Some of these methods can be a bit expensive, because they involve the use of fancy equipment in a practitioner's office or laboratory, but other methods can be used at home and are free or extremely inexpensive. 

One of the easiest bad breath test is simple, effective and free.  The steps for this easy halitosis test are described below.

The Spoon Test

1.   Take a small spoon - a teaspoon will do nicely - and place it at the back of your tongue.  Next, carefully and gently scrape the spoon along the surface of your tongue, moving from the back to the front.  As you're scraping, the spoon will collect saliva, bacteria and odor from your tongue.

2.    Next, let the material on the spoon dry for one or two minutes, then sniff it.  If the odor is offensive, you have halitosis, and it's time to take some steps to get rid of it.

Now, isn't that simple?

Notice how it's the tongue that's checked in order to test for bad breath.  This simple little test is effective because research indicates that 90% of all bad breath is due to bacteria that live on your tongue. 

This means that if you reduce the amount of bacteria on your tongue, you'll have a great shot at eliminating your bad breath.

Unfortunately, although they can do a fine job of cleaning your teeth, toothbrushes are not designed to remove bacteria from your tongue.  Tongue scrapers just pass over the top of your tongue, so they're not very effective either. 

Floss doesn't even come close to working.  Most mouthwashes just water down the problem; typically, they might wash off some surface bacteria, but they don't actually remove any of the bacteria that live deep within your tongue's nooks and crannies.

One solution –and you do not have to wait until a bad breath test indicates it- that really does work is called the Orabrush.  This little device is so effective that dentists recommend it not only for tongue cleaning, but for eliminating bad breath due to bacteria living on the tongue. 

The soft bristles feel great on your tongue, and it's easy to incorporate the Orabrush into your daily oral hygiene routine:  just brush your tongue with an Orabrush a few times whenever you brush your teeth. 

Using an Orabrush to clean your tongue is much more effective than using your toothbrush, because the Orabrush is specifically designed to remove bad breath-causing bacteria. 

You'll see what we mean if you take an Orabrush, go back and forth a few times on your tongue, place it all the way at the back of your tongue, and then pull it forward.  When you see what it removes, you'll understand how it cures bad breath.

In addition to being a much more effective tongue cleaner than a toothbrush, an Orabrush lasts much longer, up to six months. 

If you use it in the morning, you'll be able to feel confident about the freshness of your breath throughout the entire day, because it helps cure bad breath for up to twelve hours. 

You can perform our mentioned bad breath test and try this innovative bad breath-remover free by going to


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