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Cheap Teeth Whitening - An Introduction

Looking for cheap teeth whitening? As you may be aware, teeth whitening gel products can be used at home and in the dental office.

Your dentist will also have access to kits that contain higher levels of whitening agents. In particular, you can gain access to kits that contain Carbamide Peroxide as opposed to Hydrogen Peroxide.

These kits will give you the best benefits associated with chairs side procedures right in your own home. You will also find that supervised gel systems are a bit cheaper than chair side methods. Prices range from $200 to $500 per arch.

Custom Designed Mouth Guards

Chances are, you already realize that gum tissue is very fragile. Among other things, high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can easily burn your gums. This is just one of many reasons why you will need a custom mouth guard in order to have your teeth whitened using conventional methods. Your dentist can easily create this mouth guard based on impressions of your teeth and gum structures.

Aside from protecting your gums from chemical burns, a custom mouth guard will always be more comfortable. If you've ever had food stuck between your teeth, then you can readily understand how uncomfortable your gums will feel. Unfortunately, if you use a universal mouth guard, it can easily chafe your gums and cause an enormous amount of discomfort.

In a sense, getting a custom mouth guard prior to cheap teeth whitening is every bit as important as having a custom mouth guards for sports players.

Many people have found out that a lack of custom appliances can easily mean a difference in pain levels as well as long term gum health. At the very least, when you have a custom mouth guard installed prior to teeth whitening, you will not need to be as concerned about damage to vital gum tissue.

Today, some home based cheap teeth whitening will allow you to create your own dental impressions that can be made into a custom mouth guard. While the instructions may not be very complicated, you may still wind up with an unsuitable mouth guard.

On the other hand, when you let your dentist create a mouth guard, you will never need to worry about it fitting incorrectly.

Some Things to Know About Carbamide Peroxide Bleaching Systems

Today, your dentist can provide you with Carbamide Peroxide based gel systems that can be used at home.

Once you have a custom mouth guard, you can simply apply the gel to the mouth guard and wear it for a certain amount of time each day. Depending on the amount of whitening desired, you can obtain kits that have 10%, 16%, or 22% Carbamide Peroxide concentrations. Most people find that they obtain satisfactory results within 1 - 4 weeks.

Even though you may feel more comfortable with using a home based cheap teeth whitening, you will always need to be careful about removing excess gel from areas of the mouth guard that will touch your gums. As may be expected, failure to pay attention to this detail can result in burned and irritated gums.

Duration of Cheap Teeth Whitening

As with Chair Side teeth whitening, home systems supervised by a dentist can last from 1 - 3 years.

If your teeth start to develop stains again, you can simply obtain more gel from your dentist.

Once you choose this method, your dentist will provide you with an estimated maintenance schedule. During this conversation, you may want to ask about other methods for whitening teeth.

Save Money by Going to a Dental School Facility

Most of the cost associated with dentist supervised gel systems comes from the creation of a mouth guard. On the other hand, the entire process is fairly safe, and not as invasive as more complex procedures.

Therefore, you may want to save some money by allowing a dental student to supervise the whitening process. If you live near a college that offers dental degrees, you can usually ask about treatment options.

Even though a student will be managing your care, he/she will be carefully monitored by professional and licensed dentists.

Even though this article is intended to discuss a unique system that combines home based teeth whitening kits with dental supervision, other methods are available.

In particular, you may be interested in using home based systems that make use of teeth whitening strips.

Please feel free to review our articles to learn more about this technique. You may also want to review some of our other articles in order to gain perspectives on laser whitening and dental veneers.

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