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Dental Braces Kit and Your Teeth

Using a dental braces kit will go a long way toward making your life easier.

You're putting a lot of effort into straightening your teeth!  And while you know that someday soon you'll have a big payoff with straight, beautiful teeth, it's important right now to keep them clean and free of cavities. 

It's important to keep your teeth free of the debris that accumulates from everything you eat and drink while you're out on the run all day.  It really doesn't take long for trapped particles to begin the decay process on your tooth enamel. 

Studies show that enamel can begin to soften as soon as ten minutes after harmful sugars have settled in the crevices between your teeth.  Your braces make that problem even worse because they help to trap even more gunk and glucose right where it can do no good. 

Make it your business to pick up a dental braces kit, or you can make one of your own.  Women can use the small cosmetic cases that are universally available in the aisles of pharmacies and discount department stores.  Men can look for something more discreet, like a small canvas pouch or even something made of suede. 

We don't recommend using a small plastic food storage bag because they rip easily.  Before you know it you'll lose items or the items you're carrying will end up in the bottom of your purse, satchel, or briefcase. 

It's much better to carry a small bag with everything you need.  And you don't need to feel conspicuous or awkward, because dental maintenance throughout the day has become more and more commonplace, whether or not people have braces.  You're just exercising good hygiene!

Here are the items that most people find useful to have in their dental braces kit while they're on the run:

Interproximal brush:  This is a small brush shaped like a miniature baby bottle brush that you use before you use your regular brushing.  The spiral, slender bristles will dislodge food particles to get you started. 

Orthodontic toothbrush:  You need a variation on the regular toothbrush when you're wearing braces.  The bristles are the regular length on each side of the brush head, but the center rows of bristles are cut shorter.  This ensures that bristles will reach the interspaces in your teeth and in your braces. 

Toothpaste:  Whatever type you prefer is fine.  Most people use a travel size for their kits.

Mirror:  Many people like to carry a small free-standing mirror so they can see what they're doing if they are in a place without a bathroom mirror. 

Glide Threader Floss:   You need a small pack of these one-piece floss strips.  They are engineered with tips that will easily thread into the small spaces between your teeth and the parts of your braces.  The floss part has an especially smooth texture to maneuver between tight spaces.  And it serves double-duty as floss to keep plaque build-up from starting.

Collapsible Cup:  Rinsing is just as important when you're on the go as it is when you're standing in front of your own bathroom sink.  Many dental braces kits come with flexible cups that expand for use.  If you are putting your own kit together, look for a plastic collapsible cup in the automotive section or even in the baby supplies aisle.

Interdental Pics:  These look like toothpicks, but they are made of flexible, texturized plastic so that they clean better.

Dental Wax:  Many people stop using this after they become accustomed to their braces, but it's true that it provides a good bit of comfort to your lips and the sensitive tissues inside your mouth.  If you haven't already tried this great product, you just break off a small piece and push it over any brace (or braces) that feels irritating. 

Breath Drops:  Many manufacturers of mouthwash products also market breath drops or spray in sizes small enough to fit in your pouch.  It will keep your breath fresh and also serve as a handy substitute for your regular mouthwash until you get home.

Extras:  It's also wise to carry antiseptic hand wipes, and most people like to have lip balm on hand. 

We Recommend: 

Try one of the pre-assembled dental braces kits.  It's true you can create your own kit, but most commercially available dental kits are inexpensive.  They already have many of the items that are on the list we've just given you, and they really aren't expensive.  Plus, the company that sells you your original kit usually offers refill items at reasonable prices. 

An added benefit to these kits is that they are really compact.  The pouch of a dental braces kit is manufactured so that everything has its place. 

Whether you're a man, a woman, or a busy teen, you'll find that it's easier to use this kind of a kit when you're on the go. 


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