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Dental flipper kits seem simple things!  A dental flipper is just a plastic, flesh-toned, flexible thing affixed with tooth or teeth, and it clips right into your mouth.  That seems so uncomplicated that a dental flipper is readily available on the market, right?  Hold on there, partner -not so fast! 

First of all, some of you are wondering, what the heck is a dental flipper?  It is the least expensive within the entire range of denture prosthetics.  It can be made as a substitute for one missing tooth.  Sometimes the flipper is constructed so that several false teeth fill in spaces at random places along the gums-wherever you have a vacancy in your motel, a flipper can put a tooth there. 

The false teeth are fastened to a gum-toned piece of plastic that you slide into your mouth almost the same way you snap the lid onto a battery case.  The best models have little wires that cling onto your adjacent real teeth. 

We've used a little humor here to lighten things up, especially if you're desperately trying to fix your dental flipper.  But the truth of the matter is that do-it-yourself repairs really give new meaning to the words "bite me."  There have been incidents of people swallowing their dental flippers and needing surgery.  Others have reported trying to glue a broken-off tooth and it ended up likewise going down the hatch.  Ouch!   

Dental Flipper Kits - Online Sales

It is true that there are available on the internet dental repair kits purporting to fix broken dentures.  You can even find them offering several loose teeth for your gluing pleasure.  If they are too big or too small, just send them back and you'll get different ones!  If they're too light or too dark, just use the handy return label for a better shade.  You can find these kits for about the same cost as a hot-pick DVD.

But for real savings, just try the original-size Chiclets gum pieces, like Mr. Wilson did in the Dennis the Menace movie.  Oh, wait, that didn't work too well for him, did it?

There are tales of people using one brand or another of so-called super glue.  But there are inherent dangers to this kind of self treatment.  First of all, super glue can kill the nerves in a tooth and end up necessitating a root canal.  Also, the glue will seal in any decay that's beneath it, which will eat downward into the root of the tooth.  And last-but not least-is the very real danger of gluing your mouth shut! 

Dental Flipper Kits and the Dentist

In real life, there are no dental flipper kits that can be picked up at your corner Kwik-Stop.  There are no do-it-yourself basement flipper kits.  If you have a broken flipper or dentures, then you have run into one situation when you truly require the services of a professional.  You have to accept that a little customization for your specific dental needs is required.  A visit to the dentist is recommended when you need a dental flipper and also when you need to have one repaired. 

The base of the flipper is manufactured from an acrylic plastic that is actually quite brittle.  To give it the flexibility that it needs for popping in and out of your mouth, the base is generally thicker along some sections and thinner along others.  They are a little uncomfortable at first, but people adjust to them rapidly.

If your dental needs are progressive, your dentist will know ahead of time that you are going to need a prosthetic.  If you cannot afford an implant or a bridge or if they are not appropriate for some other reason, he can cast the mold for the flipper before your real tooth is extracted, and you will not have to appear gap-toothed in public. 

Other times, a patient procrastinates about visiting his dentist.  By the time he is examined, the root of the tooth is affected and the tooth has to come out right away.  You can still have the flipper almost immediately, but it takes longer to adjust to the feel of it, especially if gum or mouth tissue is swollen after the trauma of extraction. 

Despite these seemingly imperfect solutions, dental flipper kits are the quickest, least expensive option to replace a missing tooth or teeth. 

Some insurance companies will pay for part of the cost, and some will not.  Many dentists are associated with a finance company that will process loans for patients quickly so that saving up for a dental prosthetic is not an issue. 

And even though dental flipper kits are intended to be temporary, many people wear them for years.

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