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Dental Flipper - Fast and Economical

What in the world, you are probably asking, is a dental flipper? This is the nickname given to the least expensive of all the dental prosthetics you can choose from. It is actually an acrylic RPD-removable partial denture.

When a patient visits his dentist and learns he will need a bridge or dental crown, the dental flipper is the device that can be put into place while the bridge or crown is made.

When an implant is necessary, the flipper is used during the period when tender gum tissues are healing. Nevertheless, some people end up sticking with the flipper for years because it's so inexpensive.

A dental flipper costs much less than a fixed bridge. And, it can replace more than one tooth. The teeth that are replaced do not have to be right next to each other-you can have one tooth missing here, one there, and so forth.

If you have a flipper already in place, it's easy to add additional teeth to it. A flipper can only help with the teeth missing on either the upper or lower jaw -not both.

A Dental Flipper - Another kid on the block?

The main difference between the flipper and other RPDs is the material that it's made from. The brittle acrylic plastic is the same type of material that's sometimes used to make a full set of dentures.

When a patient needs a flipper, the dentist first makes a cast of the patient's mouth, and then this impression is cast in plaster. The cast is sent to a dental laboratory along with a prescription from the dentist containing instructions pertaining to this particular patient's needs, including the color of his teeth.

The flipper contains a base that lines up against the gums or the roof of the mouth, and then of course it includes an acrylic tooth or teeth. Because the acrylic is brittle, the flipper is made with varying levels of thickness to provide durability, and sometimes it can feel awkward in the mouth until the patient gets used to it.

Some flippers are being made from a newer material called Valplast, which is a little bit more flexible than acrylic. The part that fits against the roof of the mouth or the gums can be thinner and thus more translucent, so it looks better.

In many cases the flipper fits into your mouth by just clipping it in among your teeth. For just a little additional cost, however, you can get one made with tiny wires with little ball ends that hook onto adjoining teeth.

Why Temporary ?

Many people wear them for years, and because the acrylic or Valplast presses on the gums there can be breakdown of the gum or mouth tissue. This is a serious drawback of the flipper.

Another problem is that they are not sufficiently sturdy in the mouth to withstand chewing of certain foods. People find that if they don't take their flipper out while they eat they are in danger of losing them accidentally during the meal. That's probably the biggest drawback!

Proper oral hygiene is important. It not only helps to maintain good gum health, but it also prevents food from remaining trapped around the flipper.

But the low cost of these dentures as well as how quickly they can be made are wonderful advantages. When your dentist knows that a flipper is needed to replace a tooth, he can make the flipper before he removes the bad tooth. That means you don't have to go around with an obviously missing tooth while you wait for the bridge or crown to be ready.

If you already have a flipper and you need to have a tooth pulled, the dentist can make the cast with the flipper in place. The lab can modify the flipper as it was with the addition of the new tooth. It's also easy to extend the acrylic portion of the flipper where it clips into the mouth.

Everything Changes - Conclusions about a Dental Flipper

With any denture, you should consider replacing it about every seven years. This is because the jaw bone where the denture sits is reabsorbed into the body, and your denture will no longer fit snugly.

Your facial shape will actually change as your facial muscles involuntarily try to cope with the differences that occur. Gum tissue can become soft and flabby after prolonged exposure to lose dentures. So it's good to let your dentist refit them every so often.

That's another reason why people love dental flippers. They are somewhat durable, so they last for years even though they are usually intended to be temporary.

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of dental flipper kits offered for sale over the Internet or by your local store.

And if you need to replace teeth, dental flippers are still the most economical option. Do read about dental flippers online purchased and the consequences of that option.

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