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Dental Flippers Online?

Thinking of buying dental flippers online? Many people who want dental flippers still choose to buy these removable dental appliances online. 

They probably all have their reasons - the very idea of visiting the dentist might be terrifying to some people, while others might think making their purchase from home is an option that's simply easier or less expensive than going to the dentist's office. 

Unfortunately, buying a dental flipper online can be a terrible idea.

The problem is, dental flippers are not something that are one-size-fits all.  In fact, a dental flipper will be useless unless it is specifically fabricated to conform precisely to the size, proportions and intricate details of your mouth. 

As a result, no reputable dental lab would be willing to sell dental flippers online.

More About Dental Flippers

There are three techniques dentists can choose from to replace missing teeth. 

Removable dental appliances (some of which are informally called "dental flippers") are the least expensive of the three options.  Flippers are a type of removable partial denture and they replace missing natural teeth with standard acrylic denture teeth. 

The base ("plate") portion of a dental flipper is made of a pink acrylic material that is the same substance used to make the plate of standard full dentures.

Being a partial denture, the first step in fabricating a dental flipper involves your dentist or dental technician taking an accurate impression of the area where one or more of your teeth are missing. 

Using this impression, a plaster cast molding is prepared and then sent to a dental laboratory for the actual fabrication of the dental flipper.  The dental lab fabricates the dental flipper according to the patient's highly specific needs. 

The dental flipper's acrylic plate must perfectly fit the patient's mouth and the appropriate tooth shape and shade must be used, as specified in the dentist's prescription that accompanies the plaster cast.  Once completed, the lab sends the dental flipper back to the dentist's office, where the patient is trained in how to use it. 

Some dental flippers are secured in the patient's mouth by snapping the pink acrylic base between the teeth, while others are held securely in place by wires with small balls on the ends.

Dental Flippers Online Are Not Specific Enough

As you can see, the very precise process by which dental flippers must be fabricated to fit each individual patient's mouth and serve his or her needs does not lend itself to online purchases.  Any reputable dentist or dental lab would do their best to try to convince you to avoid buying your dental flipper online.

Relatively speaking, dental flippers are inexpensive dental appliances that are intended to replace a patient's missing teeth on a more or less temporary basis. 

Often these devices are only meant to be used for a short period of time, while the patient is waiting for the more time-consuming fabrication of a permanent dental appliance such as a bridge or crown. 

Despite their ostensibly temporary nature, some dental flippers are so well designed that patients are able to wear them for much longer periods - in some cases, for several years.

Unfortunately, dental flippers are also designed to exert a certain amount of pressure on the patient's gums.  As a result, gum problems can become a real possibility if a patient wears his or her dental flipper for a long period of time. 

This tendency to adversely impact gum health makes it imperative for you to follow a good daily oral hygiene routine if you need or prefer to wear a dental flipper for a lengthy period.

You can imagine that generic dental flippers online purchased can cause much more pressure and gum issues.

Limitations of Dental Flippers

Although dental flippers are an effective and fairly inexpensive option for those who are missing teeth, they also have their disadvantages

In addition to their impact on the health of the gums, dental flippers tend to be fragile because of their irregular shapes.  They can break easily and may not be able to withstand the pressures and stresses involved in chewing food. 

If you wear a dental flipper, you need to be careful and take precautions while you're eating.  In fact, you might need to remove your dental flipper before you begin to eat to avoid the risk of swallowing it with your food or beverages.

This is even more true for dental flippers online purchased because they probably fit less to your mouth than individually customized ones.

Dental flippers, being removable by nature, are also not as stable within the mouth as permanent dental appliances such as bridges.

Once again, dental flippers are effective dental appliances that are specifically designed for individual patients.  And, they meet an important need, either for the short term or slightly longer. 

Just don't buy your dental flipper online; if you do, it couldn't possibly be customized to your mouth the way it should be.


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