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Dental Plans For Seniors

Selecting the better dental plans for seniors is often a forgotten issue. In your life, you only have one set of teeth. 

As children, you are taught to care for your teeth and keep your gums healthy. 

However, as we age sometimes we forget that the focus still needs to be on caring for the teeth that we do have. 

Why?  The truth is that dental care can be very expensive, especially as you age. 

Additionally, with each passing year you can find yourself running into trouble.  However, if you care for your mouth properly even as you age you might be able to ward off these dental issues more effectively. 

The best way to do this is to ensure that you are following a steady and solid dental hygiene regime. 

You need to be sure that you have a qualified dentist that you see on a regular basis to help keep your teeth and gums in great shape.  You should be seeing your dentist every six months for checkups, but as you age, you may need to see them three times a year. 

On some dental insurance plans, this can start to get expensive, but the truth is that there are special insurance plans that cater specifically for seniors.  These dental plans for seniors are better equipped to handle the typical dental issues and conditions that senior citizens tend to face.

Prevention is Key

You need to realize that some dental issues can be really serious and even life threatening, with a higher risk of occurrence when you grow older. Dental plans for seniors are therefore a necessity.

In actuality, oral cancers are very prevalent in older individuals.  However, you may not realize that many of these cancers are easily identifiable by a simple dental examination. 

By staying current in your dental care, you may be able to ensure that your overall physical health stays in better shape.  For example, 3% of all cancers are often found somewhere in the mouth. 

Another issue that senior citizens have to face is that your overall health may be compromised requiring medication.  Many seniors deal with heart disease, depression, Parkinson, and high blood pressure. 

The medications for these can have some simple, but potentially devastating side effects on your dental health.  Many of the medications will reduce the amount of saliva that your mouth is able to produce.  This in turn causes your mouth to dry out which not only stresses your gum tissues, but it can also increase decay and gum disease. 

However, if you have one of the better dental plans for seniors and stay current in your appointments you can be sure to keep these side effects in check. 

Additionally, your dental professional may prescribe something to you to help ease the symptoms that your medication is giving you. 

For example, many dentists prescribe an oral lubricant to help replace some of the moisture that you lose when your saliva production is hampered by medication.  This can help keep your mouth healthier and get you feeling better in no time. 


One more thing that seniors need to worry about is dentures.  As you age you may find that you have to start losing teeth and this often results in the need for dentures. 

Unfortunately, not all dental plans truly cover the cost and care of dentures.  Thankfully, with dental plans for seniors it is usually something that is provided for. 

If you do get dentures, you are going to need to be sure that you care for them properly.  You need to rinse them thoroughly and your mouth before and after each wearing. 

Additionally, just like your teeth your dentures can start to accumulate calculus.  To avoid this you will want to speak with your dentist about the proper way to brush and care for your teeth. 

Be aware that there are many products on the market that claim to clean your dentures efficiently, but unless you are brushing them regularly you cannot trust that they are going to stay in great shape. 


Getting older does pose some challenges. With specific dental plans for seniors, your dental health does not need to become one of those complications of life. 

Instead, you can rest easy if you have a solid senior dental plan.  With that coverage you can trust that your dental expenses will be taken care of and that you will not run into trouble in caring for your teeth. 

With that, you will be smiling bright for years to come!


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