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Dental Scholarships are Out There

The money to pay for your college education is out there if you look for it. 

Dental scholarships are available for those willing to put some time into searching. Check out if you are entitled for dental hygiene scholarships.

Several internet sites work wonders helping you find scholarship money, and you're going to learn about them right now. 

Most of them work pretty much the same:  You enter your name, email address, and street address. 

You go through a progressive list of screens that ask you for more and more information about yourself.  And the more information you provide, the more ideas for potential scholarships you'll receive. 

The list of dental scholarship providers will surprise you.  Among them are social clubs, civic organizations, charitable foundations, corporations, schools, universities, and all types of government agencies.  You might be eligible if you have certain health conditions or if a relative of yours attended a specific college.

Let's take a look at three top internet options that search for college money:

Find Your Future with FastWeb

 Begin with FastWeb by entering the basic information noted above -name, email address, and demographics.  As you continue through FastWeb's screens, you'll be presented with opportunities to opt into different money-saving offers; just choose yes or no and move on.

FastWeb gets you to your first list of dental scholarship options pretty quickly, but that first list won't be very comprehensive.  Complete your personal profile to move on:  What was your ACT score?  How about the breakdowns of your SATs?  List any honors you've received and expand on your educational experience. 

Your personal profile is not complete until you check off applicable descriptives, including disabilities and medical conditions plus your religion, nationality, and race. 

What are your hobbies?  Do you belong to any clubs?  FastWeb wants to know everything, because some funds out there are offered only to specifically designated population groups. 

The more information you include about yourself, the more dental scholarships funds FastWeb can tell you about. 

FastWeb's other features include great options such as: 

  • A great library of articles on admission advice, essays, transferring, interviews, and much, much more.

  • Financial Aid tools are available to help the student who will not be able to fund his dental education entirely with scholarships and grants.

  • You can also find lists of internships.

  • There's a tab on Student Life, with some tips to make campus living easier, and some articles just for fun.

  • There's a special section for Parents, including articles on how to help your teen remain out of debt throughout his or her college experience.

Consult the Scholarship Experts

Scholarship Experts operates much the same way as FastWeb.  It's easy to start out by entering just your basic contact information and indicating what major you're seeking in college and where you hope to attend.

But just as with FastWeb, you'll have opportunities to enter specific social, health, and family information about the dynamics that could impact your dental scholarships eligibility.  It takes a little longer to get through these questions, but it's worth it to get to the list you receive.  Again, you'll have several opportunities to opt into or bypass special offers.  And just as with FastWeb, there is no fee. 

Scholarship Experts displays four categories once you've signed in -Scholarship Search Results, Financial Aid information, a way to review and edit your Profile, and a search mechanism for colleges that are looking for people just like you.

One great feature from Scholarship Experts for anyone searching for dental scholarships is your scholarship snapshot.  Once you've entered all relevant personal information, you just select the button and you are almost instantly presented with a printable PDF document -complete with a table of contents- describing your scholarship application options.

Scholarship and Grant Guide

You can also look at a web site that describes an e-book containing an entire database of scholarships, and The Scholarship and Grant Guide is an excellent example of this. 

It will open up endless doors for you, because some dental scholarships funds have very specific qualifications. 

The site map alone of The Scholarship and Grant Guide directs you to a wealth of information:

  • Financial aid journal.

  • A timeline to follow.

  • Proprietary publications.

Take, for example, its Financial Aid Glossary.  It will help you to understand the FAFSA and the FAFSA process, tuition and fees, EFC, grants, and work study programs.  By using an online scholarship assistance service, you will be able to save a great deal of time as well as the thousands of dollars in educational benefits that will come your way.

You'll find lists of outright scholarships as well as fellowship funds.  And you'll learn the difference between them:  

Scholarship money is granted outright to the student applicant. 

Fellowship funds become available to students who have progressed in their education to a level of advanced training, and they usually perform some kind of research, internship, or other responsibilities in exchange for the fellowship.

Scholarship money, unlike fellowship funds, never has to be repaid.  You receive it as a check, or it goes directly to the bursar at your chosen college.  Loans, on the other hand, do have to be repaid. 

As you venture toward your educational future, the first things you've got to learn about are dental scholarships and other types of free college money. 

You can investigate if you are eligible to get one of the many dental school scholarships.


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