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Dental School Scholarships Demystified

Are you searching for dental school scholarships?  You have undoubtedly discovered, along the way, that you've been fostering some misconceptions about money available for college funds. 

This is the place to clarify any misinformation you have received in the past. What is one of the most common misconceptions about dental school scholarships? 

People believe that scholarship funds are earmarked only for straight-A student.  People feel convinced of that now more than twenty or thirty years ago, and here's why: 

In the past, the top students in a school graduated with a 4.0 grade point average.  Nowadays, kids are racking up 4.5 GPAs.  It happens when a 4.0 student goes above and beyond to add some extra credit to his already-perfect grades.  How can you beat that in a scholarship competition? 

You need to learn that there are all types of scholarships with funds designated for all kinds of students -and that includes those with less-than-perfect academic records.  Even if your transcript lacks pizzazz, you can find funds that are available to you. 

Alternative scholarships reward students who participate in athletic or music programs.   Some dental school scholarships are pegged for students who plan to devote themselves to a particular field of study.  Many funds subsidize students who participate in or commit to a period of community service.  Some scholarship providers simply wish to reward students who live in a given city or state!

Here is another significant misconception:  People believe that only high school seniors can apply for awards.  But that's simply not true!  Scholarships are available for students at all levels of study, whether they are freshmen in undergraduate education, graduate students, or quietly banking toward their Ph.D.  There are six types of scholarships; let's take a look at them.

Six Types of Scholarships

Merit-Based Scholarships.  This category of scholarships is accessible to those who exercise sufficient merit to achieve a goal.  It is not limited to academic achievement; the student's success can be in athletics, artistry, or some other demonstrated ability. These scholarships are presented to keep students-both the ones who win them and the ones who try for them-motivated to excel in the study of a given subject.

Athletic Scholarships.  These funds go to student athletes who play on one or more of the sports teams at the college.  Sometimes the college pays for them, and sometimes the athletic organizations supply the money.

Need-Based Scholarship.  Many scholarships are awarded on the basis of demonstrated need.  Funds can cover part or all of the tuition.  In many cases, extra money is allotted to cover the student's on-campus living costs.  The scholarship judges want to see someone who demonstrates sincere desire and motivation to attend college and is stopped only by his inability to pay.

Ethnicity-Based Scholarships.  Many funds are awarded to students who fit a religious, racial, ethnic, or nationality standard.  Gender can come into play.  And we've even known of students who didn't fit the profile but applied-and won-the scholarship because they made a more convincing case for themselves than the applicants who fit the demographics.  One such person was a Japanese student who wrote an essay about his role model, an Italian merchant in the neighborhood-and he won a small scholarship fund established by his local Italian Club.

Institutional-Based Scholarships.  Many colleges and universities award scholarships to students whose parents are alumni.  There are scholarships if two or more people (siblings or even parent/child) from the same family are attending.

General Scholarships.  This last category of funds is open to anyone.  In some cases they are limited to the children of employees of the sponsoring corporation. 

As you venture toward your goal of a successful educational experience, keep your eyes on the prize!  The dental school scholarships are out there, and if you have enough motivation, you can sort out some of that money for yourself. 

You owe it to yourself to learn about the dental school scholarships application process.  You can be considered for some funds simply by filling out an application form.  For others, you are required to complete an essay or perform a similar task.  It is best to organize your scholarship search by filling out the quick ones immediately, and then taking your time with the more demanding ones. 

We want you to become completely familiar with the types of dental school scholarships available.  In addition, you have to learn that there are other types of free college money available for your dental school education.

You will find more information about these various categories of dental school scholarships in an upcoming, separate article. 


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