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Dentist Fear - Essential Things to Know

As you may be aware, many people experience dentist fear.

No matter how hard they try, it may be impossible for them to overcome the feeling that something horrible will happen while the dentist or a dental hygienist is working on their teeth.

Today, dentists have a number of methods available to help patients overcome their distress, as well as ensure that the visit goes in a positive direction.

If you have a dental phobia (fear of dentist), you should look into making use of these methods so that you can get proper dental care.

What is Dentist Fear?

Basically, dentist fear is a phobia associated with visiting a dental office or having certain procedures. Some people will experience elevated blood pressure levels, shaking and other signs of emotional distress.

Others may cry, scream, or become unable to speak. No matter what the physiological reactions are, there is no question that people suffering from dental phobia believe that their fears are based in something tangible.

Even though they may not be able to explain why they are afraid, their body and mind reacts as if their life is being threatened.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Dental Fear?

Typically, your mouth is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. When you have a toothache or an abscess, you will already be in pain. This in turn can create negative associations with dentists before you even walk into the office.

A number of people also fear dental procedures that involve drills. Even though these drills do not normally cause pain, many people cannot stand the sound of them. Other people have similar fears related to having their mouth numbed up, as well as coping with extractions.

Oddly enough, many people also develop a fear of dentists based on what they hear from other people. For example, children may become afraid of dentists if they see their parents have a phobia about this type of medical treatment.

While a child may never feel pain during an actual dental visit, they may not stop to realize that the “phobia” is not truly theirs to begin with.

What Are the Disadvantages of Dentist Fear?

As may be expected, if you have an abnormal fear of going to the dentist, you may avoid having your teeth professionally cleaned.

This, in turn, will lead to accelerated tooth decay and gum disease. No matter how much you brush and floss your teeth, having annual dental exams can literally save your life.

Aside from reducing the risk of dental abscesses, your dentist may be the only person to spot oral cancers and other diseases that need to be addressed with more complicated forms of treatment.

Therefore, when you have a fear of dentists, it truly does impact your ability to live a full and happy life.

How Can I Overcome Dentist Fear?

Today, there are many different kinds of therapy available to help you get through dental visits. This includes mediation exercises, as well as sedation dentistry.

You may also be interested in natural methods offered by dentists such as Dr. Terry Gotthelf. If you examine his web site, you will soon find that Dr. Gotthelf offers a simple, yet effective six step process to help people overcome dental fear.

Basically, you will learn how to put yourself in a relaxed frame of mind, visualize a traumatic situation, and then reframe your mind thoughts in order to create a calm response. At the very least, if you have issues with visiting a dental office, you should give this six step process a try.

Maybe you can even try dental acupuncture outside the mouth, which seems very effective to reduce anxiety and gagging.

What are the Benefits of Overcoming Dentist Fear?

Once you conquer your fear of dentists, you will have an opportunity to receive quality dental care that will preserve your long term health. If you have children or family members that fear dentists, you will also be able to help them achieve freedom from their fears.

Depending on how well you do with overcoming your phobia, you may even decide to work in a dental office, or in some setting where you can train others to manage their phobias effectively.

Today, researchers know that lack of good dental hygiene can lead to heart disease, blood infections, and dozens of other disorders.

When you do not receive proper dental care, you will always be at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, when you have dental phobias, it can become impossible for you to get vital care on a timely basis.

Without a question, if you have a fear of dentists or dental procedures, you should make it your business to do everything possible to overcome your problems.

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