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Halitosis - Get Over Bad Breath

The medical word for bad breath is halitosis.

No matter how much some people brush; they find it difficult to eliminate bad breath. 

It's great that you appreciate that good dental hygiene can boost your oral health - and even affect your total body wellness.

Some people experience minor problems with halitosis because they simply don't clean their mouths thoroughly. 

For others, persistent oral care regimens can't get rid of foul-smelling breath.

Even if you brush, floss, and use mouthwash, you've got to watch out for bad breath.  It creates a negative impact on so many areas of our lives:
  • Consider your social life. If your breath smells bad, people are likely to avoid you, or-worse yet-talk about you behind your back.
  • How's your love life going? You can be the sexiest person in town, but no one will want to kiss you if your breath smells bad.
  • You're going on a job interview, and you've pressed your best suit, polished your shoes, and styled your hair. But once the interviewer gets a whiff of your breath, you can forget it -you just aren't going to land that job.
  • Your worry over the possibility that someone will notice your breath, causes you to remain quiet. That means whatever valuable contribution you have to a conversation will remain unknown. People just won't get to appreciate who you are.
  • The worries we just mentioned cause you to feel overwhelmingly self-conscious. When that happens, you lose confidence. Lack of confidence spills over into all areas of our lives.
  • When people notice your bad breath, no matter how worthwhile you are, they just think less of you. No matter how well-mannered you are, you are regarded as someone who just doesn't have a good upbringing. Someone with an empty brain and a cold heart whose breath smells fresh and clean will be more appreciated or valued than you.

We've all laughed at scenes in comedy movies when the guy thinks he's going to get a chance to kiss the girl, so he does the quick hand-to-the-mouth bit and huffs out a few quick breaths.  But it's really difficult to tell, on your own, how your breath smells at any given time.

That's because of the oral cavity that lies just above the throat.  It's the area where you nasal passages open up into the back of your mouth, just about where the soft palate is.  The odor of your breath wafts upward into the back of your nasal passages.

When your olfactory receptors work to detect odors, they categorize the smell of your mouth as background odor and ignore it when you are doing that quick bad breath test.  

There are some ways, however, that will allow you to detect the true odor of your breath and thus find effective cures for bad breath.  We will discuss them in more detail in a separate article right on this web site.

Causes and Cures

Can you guess, then, what are the main causes of halitosis?  There are multiple causes, and it's not difficult to figure out that bacteria are among the major culprits. But it's a little more involved than that.  

For most people, the dominant underlying cause of halitosis turns out to be from the whitish coating that you'll find on the back, or posterior, area of the tongue.  Some bad breath home remedies are based on this fact.

It's actually more accurate to say that the odor comes from the bacteria that live and thrive within the components of that coating. 

The white coating holds bacteria, old food particles, and sloughed-off cells from the inside of your mouth, all of which are fixed firmly in a mixture of saliva and other microbial matter.  If you've got a significant amount of this coating, then it's difficult to penetrate it with the oral hygiene routine carried out by the average person. 

Focusing on that coating on your tongue takes a bit more work than what you've been doing. The routine rinse-and-spit with your regular mouthwash doesn't even penetrate it.

The second leading culprit of halitosis turns out to be -guess what- more bacteria, but residing in other parts of the mouth.  If you're not flossing with proper technique, then you're not removing food particles from your gum line.

Those particles decay just like the food that you dump into your daily trash.  There are other pools of bacteria and causes, as well. Did you know that diet-induced ketosis and bad breath often occur together?

In the end what matter is how to treat bad breath and get over it.

We have additional information about halitosis, including more on causes and articles about a cure for bad breath.

We even have herbal remedies and natural solutions. 

There are answers about chronic bad breath and what to do about it, right on this web site.

However, do mind that sometimes the problem is entirely in your head. You can suffer from phantom halitosis when you "think" you have bad breath.

Fortunately the are some effective bad breath testers on the market today. So you can prove if this issue is affecting you in the first place.


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