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Low Cost Dental Care - Six Places to Find It

Looking for low cost dental care?

Even though poor dental health can lead to heart problems and many other conditions, conventional insurance companies do not consider dental care to be a part of maintaining good health.

While getting your teeth straightened out presents obvious cosmetic advantages, there is no question that the health benefits are far more important.

That said, if you do not have dental insurance, there are still some ways that you can obtain low cost, or free dental care.

Clinical Trials

Each year, researchers come up with new ways to manage dental issues.  For example, not so long ago, resin based fillings became available for cavities. Prior to being made available to a large number of consumers, these fillings had to be tested for safety and effectiveness in clinical trials.

When you enroll in clinical trials, you can get free, or low cost treatment for a wide range of oral disorders.  This includes gum problems, impacted wisdom teeth, and any other disorder that may be under study.

While there is no guarantee that the therapy will work, you may still have a chance to gain access to some of the most promising and newest dental treatments available.

Teaching Colleges

As you may be aware, dentists must go through a vigorous training period before they can obtain a license.  In most cases, they will need to work on patients that have conditions very similar to ones they will work with on a routine basis.

If you live near a college that offers degrees in dental studies, you may be able to get dental care from students that are looking to develop their skills.

Typically, you will pay far less money for these services than you would if you got them from a more experienced dentist.

Federally Funded Clinics

Depending on where you live, there are federally funded health care clinics that are designed to meet the needs of people that cannot afford health care.

In some cases, these clinics also offer low cost dental care treatments.  If you are interested in getting treatment from one of these clinics, you can check the Bureau of Primary Healthcare Web site in order to find out if there is a clinic near you.

State and Federal Funding Programs

Many people that receive Medicaid benefits are also eligible for dental care. You may also be eligible for Medicaid if you have emergency dental expenses that are higher than you can afford. 

In some states, you may be able to file for emergency Medicaid services that will pay your bills for the previous three months.  If you are a senior citizen or disabled, you may also be eligible for some dental treatments via Medicare. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover dentures or routine dental treatments. 

Children who qualify for the SCHIIP program usually can obtain a full range of low cost dental care.

Therefore, even if you are in a low wage earner, there is no reason for your children to suffer from all that comes with crooked teeth and inadequate dental care.

Localized Programs

Aside from state and federal programs, business owners and community members sometimes join together in order to provide low cost dental care, grants or endowments to needy people that find themselves in certain situations.

This includes needy people that have dental problems.  Typically, you will not be able to find out about these programs unless you call your local department of health.

As may be expected, once you find a potential sponsor, you will have to fill out an application that will help determine whether or not you will receive funding for dental care.

The United Way Directory Service

If the Department of Health does not know of any assistance programs offering low coste dental care, the United Way may have some valuable information for you.

In most cases, you can inquire at the local United Way chapter.  They will be able to tell you about any programs in your area, as well as minimum eligibility requirements.

Conclusions on Low Cost Dental Care

Even if you find a program that will not cover all of your dental costs, it will be better than trying to pay the whole amount out of your own pocket.

While many people feel that healthcare reform is necessary, very few have even begun to discuss the subject of covering dental treatments.

On the other hand, the bacteria that cause plaque and tartar can cause arteriosclerosis, as well as many other life threatening conditions.

No matter how hard insurance companies try to claim that dental care is a cosmetic issue, they are being proven wrong each time new research is released on the impact of crooked teeth and other dental issues.

Fortunately, with the option to find low cost dental care you do not need to wait for some future revision of modern attempts at healthcare reform to have your teeth taken care of professionaly.

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