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Low Cost Dental Implants and Your Health

Low cost dental implants are for real? Implants are typically some of the most expensive teeth treatments that you can seek out.

This makes this beneficial and worthwhile treatment often overlooked or out of reach for many patients, but it doesn't have to be the case.

You have to consider why some implants are more expensive than others, and how lost cost dental implants can still be just the same as their more expensive counterparts.

First, and this doesn't just hold for dental treatments, but is true in all walks of life, consumers have an idea that things that are more expensive are automatically better than things that are cheaper.

In fact, this is such a tried and true principle, that it's a common and effective marketing technique to simply raise the price of an item to make it seem more prestigious, and therefore produce more sales. It seems counterintuitive, but even on a subconscious level, we all think that more money equals higher quality.

The truth, however, is that low cost dental implants can be just as beneficial and high quality as ones that are more expensive. You don't have to destroy your budget to take care of your teeth and your mouth properly.

What Factors Determine the Price of Dental Implants?

Most of the added cost for these procedures comes from factors that don't really determine how successful or well done the actual treatment will be.

A lot of the cost comes from how much the manufacturer of the implant charges the dentist, and this can be vastly different from one company to the next, with a range of about $80 to $500, or more, for a single implant. But in truth, all dental implants are made out of the same material, titanium!

There are four grades of commercially pure titanium available, graded upon the levels of carbon and iron found in the material, and grade 5 titanium is the most common choice. Therefore, why should there be such a huge difference in the pricing?

It's all in the marketing of a product itself! Some companies like to tout their manufacturing techniques, or the vastly superior quality of their materials, and on down the line, but an implant is an implant, and you're going to see that most are actually very similar to the next one in line, and one that costs one tenth as much as another can do the job just as well.

Then you have to consider that when a dentist purchases a $500 implant, they have to raise their own prices accordingly to cover the cost of the implant, make a profit, and keep the whole "prestige" marketing appeal going.

That means that the costs only continue to escalate and multiply, and it makes these procedures even more expensive than they have to be.

Success Factors of Low Cost Dental Implants

There are a few factors that have to do with the success of this kind of treatment, and they are patient selection, good surgical technique, good prosthetic technique, and good maintenance. Nowhere in there does it say that you need to use a dental implant that cost $500 just for the component itself.

Still, if dental implants are out of your price range, you do have some options to turn to that can help you get the assistance you need.

One of the best choices is to go to a dental school, where the dentists in training need to practice performing procedures on patients.

You might not like the sound of this, but it's completely safe and reliable, because the dentists in training are being watched and assisted by licensed, seasoned professionals that won't allow anything to go even slightly wrong. You can get procedures done for free, or for next to nothing, by going down this route.

You can also try calling or writing local dental societies and institutions listed by the American Dental Association. These organizations often help match patients with low cost services, and may have other discounting available to encourage good dental practices and widespread usage amongst citizens.

Conclusions On Low Cost Dental Implants

Don't make the mistake that so many of us do, and believe that only expensive implants are going to be worth your time.

You can find great low cost dental implants that provide the exact same end result, and you can also seek out low cost procedures with a few different solutions as well.

Dental implants don't have to be too pricey to make use of, you can see great success with affordable and accessible, and still high quality, products and treatments.


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