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Plaque Disclosing Tablets Show You

Plaque disclosing tablets can can help you improve your dental health.

When plaque accumulates along the bottoms of the teeth, it buries the gum line in an unhealthy, sticky substance that causes tooth decay and worse. 

You have probably already read, on this web site, how dental plaque signals trouble.

Plaque disclosing tablets tell you the location of the plaque in your mouth. 

Probably even more important, it will help you to correct poor brushing habits so that you effectively eliminate plaque buildup for a healthier smile. 

Plaque buildup starts off as a thick, soft substance.  You can scrape it off your teeth using a toothbrush or even your fingernail for about 48 hours.  Then it hardens into tartar, and once it has reached that granite-like stage it takes a dentist's tools to remove it. 

What Is Plaque Made Of? 

The natural cellular material in your mouth combines with particles of the foods you eat to create this substance.  Sloughed-off cells from inside your mouth mix with saliva and combine with glucose and lipids.  Throw in some of the streptococcus germs that are present in each of us, and you have a tasty stew going, right?  Wrong!  This is a substance tailor-made to ferment cavities and smother your gum tissues. 

Not only does plaque actively contribute to tooth decay by coating your teeth, it also leaches minerals from the healthy enamel it touches.  Besides cavities, you can develop gingivitis or other periodontal disease. 

Tartar buildup causes your gums to pull away from the teeth, and they then become breeding grounds for infections.  People who are developing gum disease will sometimes notice bleeding when they brush their teeth, but not always.  Sometimes the gums are slightly swollen and irritated, but people learn to live with this discomfort, and the problem just worsens. 

When you visit your dentist for your regular six-month checkups, dental plaque is removed as part of your cleaning.  Your dentist scales your teeth by using a slightly curved hook that reaches down just into your gum line.  He actually has to scrape the plaque away from the tooth.  Scaling also removes calcium deposits called cementum that are generated from the root of the tooth. 

If you haven't been brushing and flossing or if you've waited too long between visits, it takes extra work to get rid of this nasty substance.

If the dentist performs root planing, he reaches deeper into the pockets between the gum tissue and the tooth.  Everything that should not be there is removed.  If there are roughened tooth surfaces or roots, the dentist's tool will smooth them out a bit. 

The idea is to foster a healthier oral environment so that the gums will close back in along the teeth properly.  The process is a little painful, and usually the doctor will numb your gums with an anesthetic gel before he planes them.  Expect them to be tender for up to a week afterward.

Plaque Disclosing Tablets and Alike

That is why you should indoctrinate plaque disclosing products into your oral care regimen.  You can buy plaque disclosing tablets or solutions, whichever suits you. 

The dental plaque disclosing tablets are usually small; you just chew one and then swish it around your mouth with your saliva.  The tablet releases some dye, which adheres to plaque deposits on the teeth. When you look at your teeth, you can see where your plaque deposits lie. 

Some products offer a dual function:  You can see exactly where you are bypassing the plaque when you brush.  First, you chew one dental plaque disclosing tablet, swish it around, and look at your teeth.  Then you brush your teeth and chew another tablet.  The dye from the second tablet marks plaque in a different color.  By noting where the different dyes are in your mouth, you learn where your brushing technique needs to improve. 

There are also plaque-disclosing solutions, and they are also offered in either the single- or the two-tone variety.  You can buy the dental plaque disclosing tablets or the solution in your local pharmacy.  Online ordering offers convenient access; this is a low-cost product associated with only small shipping charges. 

Plaque disclosing tablets or solutions also make great teaching tools for youngsters.  You are providing them with an excellent science lesson so that they learn about plaque, tartar and how they affect their oral health. 

It is also a good idea to use the two-tone variety so that youngsters get a visual on their poor brushing skills.  Telling them to scrub away the dye from their teeth ensures that they clean their teeth properly, every day. 

Buying this kind of product saves money over having cavities filled!


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