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Portable Dental Kits

Why should you bother considering portable dental kits? We are a much more mobile society today than ever before.  Throughout the course of a day, we work hard, whether we're taking care of business, managing our families, or enjoying a little recreation. 

Portable items make our lives easier -cell phone, portable internet access devices, first aid and sewing kits, jumper cables and air compressor, and more.  Portable dental kits are an important addition to that equipment.

You can choose from dental kits to preserve your oral hygiene throughout the day.  You can brush in the morning, as soon as you get home from your daily schedule, and at bedtime, but you're probably not able to brush in a restaurant or fast-food place after a mid-day meal. 

If you have a beverage during the day, you leave sugar or acidic residues on your teeth.  That's when you need a carry-around maintenance kit, so that you can keep your teeth and gums healthy and whole.

Normal maintenance portable dental kits will include items such as:

  • A foldable toothbrush, with cap.  Or maybe you'd prefer some of the disposable brush cleaners on the market today. 

  • Toothpaste is a must.  Options include pastes for sensitive teeth, whitening pastes, or other specialty pastes.

  • Dental floss is portable if you use cards or the plastic disposable picks.

  • Mouthwash truly treats the entire mouth after a meal, reducing plaque and getting rid of food particles.  Breath freshener can be a quick misting or meltable strip that preserves fresh breath in close quarters.

  • Dry-mouth gum is available for people who suffer from this condition, common from certain medications or simply if you're predisposed to it.  It keeps your mouth moist, which stimulates saliva to wash away food or drink residues.  It also reduces plaque and odor-causing bacteria. 

  • Water-propelled tooth and gum cleaners come in portable formats that fit into briefcases or suitcases, to maintain the good hygiene practices you perform when at home and preserve good dental and gum health.

  • Ultraviolet sanitizers keep dentures, bridges, teeth guards, and other equipment clean and germ-free.

  • Whiteners are so common nowadays.  To preserve dental brightness while traveling, look for whitening protection products to take on the road.

Dental Kits for Emergencies

There are also portable dental kits that manage routine dental emergencies.  Maybe you've had a piece of a tooth break or a crown become loose-often for no apparent reason!  Maybe you've known someone who suddenly excused himself during the middle of a house closing or a dance recital with his hand at his mouth. 

No matter whether you're involved in your boss's power meeting or your children's play date, it's never a good time for a dental emergency.  Have you ever noticed how often these occur on a weekend or on the eve of a holiday?  These types of dental emergencies are unpredictable and utterly unpreventable, but it is possible to handle them quickly and get back to whatever you were doing.

There are portable dental kits that help you to refasten loose crowns, inlays, or bridges.  If you have a broken tooth or a filling that falls out, portable dental kits supply what you need to hold things together until you can reach your dentist. 

These portable dental kits run the entire spectrum from just a few items for quick fixes to some products with real staying power. 

They range in price and usability.  You can choose what you want in a kit according to your own comfort level.

Putting one of these to work for you provides a real prophylactic advantage.  If you take some time to fasten down a loose piece of tooth, you might save the rest of your tooth from crumbling.  

These portable dental kits for emergencies supply items such as:

  • Eugenol, or oil or cloves, which can stop a toothache that's beyond the help of an oral gel product.  Don't forget a dropper.  Don't get the oil on adjacent mouth tissues as it does burn a little.

  • You can fill the hole in a broken tooth or replace a lost filling with dental gum or wax.  Some kits come with catalyst powder and base powder. 

  • In order to proceed you'll need an antibiotic soap for your hands and a mouthwash to rinse the area affected.

  • You also need a dental mirror, possibly a mixing tray, and a pick to apply the filling compound. 

  • It's best to buy a kit rather than just round up these items, because a kit also includes instructions! 

Conclusions on Portable Dental Kits

The benefits of the routine portable dental kits are obvious, because improved oral maintenance means lower dental costs at your regular dentist visits. 

The emergency dental repair kit is something you will not use until you need it.  However, having it available makes all the difference between a great time or a ruined camping trip.  It can prevent a minor dental emergency from exploding into a full-fledged catastrophe. 

This website provides you with the most up-to-date information on dental matters, including available portable dental products. 

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