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SLS Free Toothpastes Are on The Rise

What are SLS free toothpastes? Sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) is one of the ingredients in almost all of the commercial toothpastes being sold today - 99.9% of them, in fact. 

Because it's such a common ingredient, you'd think it would not have any harmful side effects - not even minor ones. 

Unfortunately, most experts believe sodium lauryl sulfate is associated with or even responsible for canker sores, those little ulcers in your mouth that are painful enough to make it difficult to enjoy your meals. 

The harshness of SLS has been shown to cause damage to the tissue lining the inside of your mouth, and this damage leads to the formation of painful canker sores.

To Foam or Not To Foam

So, if SLS is the culprit behind canker sores, why do toothpaste manufacturers continue to use it as one of the ingredients in their products? 

Well, many people don't believe they are cleaning their teeth effectively if their toothpaste doesn't become foamy while they're brushing.  And without SLS, which is actually a detergent, the toothpaste won't foam up. 

Of course, without SLS, there aren't any canker sores, either.  Clearly, the solution involves finding SLS free toothpastes that people accept as being effective for cleansing the teeth while not inducing the development of canker sores.

Alternatives - Sls-Free Toothpastes

It can be difficult to find toothpaste that doesn't include any sodium lauryl sulfate, much less an effective one.  Most of the time, the only SLS free toothpastes you can find are so-called "natural" toothpastes which contain chalk and are basically worthless for cleansing the teeth. 

They don't cause canker sores, but they don't do much for your oral hygiene, either.  And, they can be pretty expensive, too. 

For example, at least one user has reported that a well-known brand of SLS free toothpastes that is specifically marketed as being "for canker sore sufferers" does "not really work at all as a toothpaste" despite being extremely expensive.

Fortunately, you do have at least a few choices when you're looking for toothpaste that doesn't include sodium laurel sulfate and doesn't cause canker sores.  Although these products are typically more expensive than the "ordinary" toothpastes you can buy in grocery stores and pharmacies, many people believe the ability to avoid canker sores is well worth the additional cost and lack of foaming action.

For example, Tom's of Maine® is now offering some excellent, all-natural SLS free toothpastes. 

This company is known for following a number of worthy practices, including using only natural ingredients, using recycled materials for packaging, and not testing their products on animals.  Their toothpaste does not include any artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives or flavorings, and they use sustainable practices whenever possible. 

In other words, Tom's of Maine® is a company that is concerned about the environment in addition to your continued oral health.  Their SLS free toothpastes have the familiar smooth texture you're used to, and they are available in an assortment of flavors that taste great.  Tom's of Maine® is one of the leaders in the SLS free toothpastes industry. 

Their toothpaste isn't specifically marketed to prevent or heal canker sores.  Instead, it is labeled as targeting problems with a dry mouth.  But, being free of sodium lauryl sulfate is a good thing, no matter what the toothpaste's stated purpose may be.

Squigle® Enamel Saver® toothpaste is another fine option for people seeking sls free toothpaste that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.  Developed specifically to help people with an assortment of oral problems, including canker sores, dry mouth, simple bad breath, chapped lips and more, Squigle's® Enamel Saver® toothpaste is SLS free and is marketed as being the best toothpaste available for people with dry mouths.  It is an excellent replacement for "ordinary" commercial toothpastes.  By using Squigle® as your only toothpaste, you can eliminate future canker sores. 

Best of all, when you brush with Squigle® Enamel Saver®, you might not even realize you're not using your old toothpaste that does contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Squigle® features a mild peppermint flavor and the same smooth texture you're accustomed to.  Its flavor isn't quite as strong as many commercial toothpastes, but Squigle® nonetheless provides a pleasant, healthy, SLS free brushing experience.


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