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Toothbrush technology has come a long way, baby, and if you haven't heard about sonic toothbrushes then you're in for some real news! 

Sonic toothbrushes actually entered the dental hygiene product market about twenty years ago, but they remained relatively untried and untested among consumers. 

Over time they have gained quite a bit in popularity, and they offer advantages that are now marketed by several different manufacturers. 

Clinical studies began in earnest about ten years ago, and we've got a couple of them linked for you, below.

You'll find that the sonic toothbrush cleans your mouth in two ways. 

It utilizes technology that means your toothbrush cleans your teeth and the tissues in your mouth beyond the areas where the bristles actually touch.  How is that possible? 

First, it provides the principal method for cleaning -you scrub your teeth with it. But this cleaning action leads to a second and more important benefit.

The Need for Speed

The ordinary electric toothbrush vibrates at a rate of 3,000 to 4,000 strokes per minute.  That's much faster than the human hand can go wielding a manual toothbrush! 

Keep count the next time you are brushing manually -you might get to a hundred or more strokes in a minute if you're very energetic.  Don't hurt yourself!

But the bristles of a sonic toothbrush vibrate as fast as 30,000 to 40,000 strokes per minute! 

And the Power of Water

Because the bristles vibrate so intensely, a whirlwind of cleaning takes place in your mouth.  This rapid-fire bristle speed generates air power within your mouth that drives the water you're using into the smallest spaces between your teeth. 

That water is a mixture of your saliva plus the cleaning product or toothpaste that you're using. The sonic vibrations of the toothbrush dissolve and rinse away the plaque in your mouth even in places where the bristles do not touch. 

Beyond the sheer force of this water power, the movement of the bristles creates tiny bubbles that provide additional cleansing power within your mouth.  There's no place that remains unsanitary or stale when you finish with a sonic toothbrush. 

Those little bubbles exert themselves into the smallest spaces, even entering below the gum line.  Your mouth becomes clean, fresh, and healthy. 

How Far Does It Go?

The dynamics of the sonic toothbrush are quite remarkable, there's no denying that.  You're probably wondering just how far it can reach into your mouth. 

Researchers have documented that the force of air creates jet-like sprays within your mouth that actually penetrate gum tissues and between dental spaces as much as one-eighth of an inch beyond where the bristles end!

How Safe Is This?

You might feel concerned about whether such power within the small confines of your mouth is safe. 

After all, if you've had bridgework or crowns installed, how well will they hold up to this kind of force? 

But studies by Donly et al, heralded by the National Institutes of Health and published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry, prove that the use of sonic toothbrushes causes no more damage to your bonding or other artificial tooth surfaces than regular brushing. 

User Skill Increases

Additional studies done by Biesbruch et al and published in the Journal of Contemporary Dental Practices a little over five years ago show that these types of toothbrushes are 40% more effective than  manual toothbrushes.  This statistic relates specifically to the removal of plaque from within the mouth.

Furthermore, adults who use them demonstrate a 35% increase in effective brushing technique -and with children, effectiveness improves as much as 38%! 

Think what that means in terms of teeth saved over the years. 

Consider These Features As You Shop

Manufacturers of sonic toothbrushes -mostly Sonicare, Phillips, and Norelco-institute certain features in various models so that you don't go overboard. 

Some of them will emit a sound when you apply too much pressure.  Other models will stop for the same reason.  Other toothbrushes stop after a predetermined number of strokes or after a preset length of time. 

Some brushes will pause in their vibrations every thirty seconds or so.  This pause allows you to reposition the toothbrush within your mouth so that all areas receive uniform attention. 

Many models come equipped with more than one brush head.  This is a benefit that minimizes your initial cash outlay for the toothbrush you choose. 

We will discuss various models in other articles on this web site. 


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