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Sores On The Roof Of The Mouth

A Brief Discussion about Sores on the Roof of the Mouth

Mouth sores can be one of the most irritating and disruptive issues where oral problems are concerned. They can actually appear almost anywhere inside of the oral cavity, including the tongue, gums, lining of the cheeks, and the lips.

When sores are on the roof of the mouth (also known as the palate) they can be very problematic because they are somewhat difficult to manage.

This brief discussion will investigate the common causes and the most reliable remedies for sores on the roof of the mouth, but first we will spend a bit of time looking at the difficulties presented by the presence of mouth sores.

An Introduction

Here is a common tale…someone goes to take a sip of coffee and then hesitates, puts the cup down, and never finishes it. This is because they have a few sores on the roof of the mouth that make it too painful to consume even a sip of a beverage.

This illustrates one of the primary concerns for people suffering from mouth sores – they can present a person with major difficulties and discomfort when they attempt to eat or drink. Attempting to alleviate the aggravation can often mean avoiding food or certain beverages until the sores begin to heal, and this is often nearly impossible.

This means that many people must deal with a vicious cycle where sores on the roof of the mouth are concerned, but if they understand the underlying causes for the sores, they can usually begin to make some of the changes necessary to prevent them from appearing in the first place.

Common Causes

Generally, most people end up with tender and painful sores on the roof of the mouth from a wide array of reasons. These include:

  • Smoking on a regular basis or using chewing tobacco;
  • Eating or drinking foods that are too hot or spicy;
  • Viral or bacterial infections;
  • Stress or hormonal changes;
  • Immune system issues;
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies; and
  • Disease such as cancer.

We can see that some of the causes are preventable or manageable, and others may be due to things outside of our control.

While cancer and immune system problems or malfunctions may be something that we cannot avoid, the rest of the common causes are issues that we can alter or address when sores on the roof of the mouth become a constant concern.

Of course, the list of causes did not address some of the more serious problems. For example, it is important to seek medical help for any sores when:

  • Mouth sores are accompanied by bodily rashes, a fever, and/or difficulty swallowing;
  • Mouth sores last more than two weeks (even with self-treatment);
  • Large white patches appear on the tongue and the palate;
  • The immune system is already compromised, such as those with HIV or cancer; and
  • Mouth sores appear as soon as a new medication is taken.

All of these causes require immediate medical assistance because they are directly related to far more serious issues and problems.

Reliable Remedies

Now that we understand some of the common causes for sores on the roof of the mouth, we can look at the best methods for dealing with them. Clearly, any of the lifestyle choices that lead to these sores should be heavily scrutinized.

For instance, if you are a smoker or someone who uses chewing tobacco, you can eliminate the pain and suffering of palate sores immediately by ending your risky habits. Remember, one of the primary causes for cancers of the mouth is the use of any type of tobacco product, and constantly challenging your mouth’s chemical balance and forcing your body to fight off the sores can lead to serious problems over time.

Where food consumption is concerned, you can easily avoid the hot and spicy foods and beverages that can so seriously irritate the mouth and lead to sores. The reason that sores appear is because the flesh inside of the mouth is responding to the actual heat of the food, and this can cause blisters that lead to sores as they heal. When it is a certain spice in the foods, it has to do with the individual’s reaction to the chemical compounds or oils in the spice, and it is up to them to identify the foods that can lead to such painful reactions.

When the sores do appear due to a food reaction, the best remedy would be to stick to and light and easy to swallow diet until the sores disappear. It is also usually necessary to use a pain reliever in order to enable yourself to still eat properly. Taking a reliable over the counter medication such aspirin or acetaminophen will usually reduce pain and make eating easier.

Should the sores be the result of a burn from a food that was just too hot, the best remedy is to gargle with cool water to help keep the sores or blisters as free of bacteria as possible.

Gargling is a reliable remedy for sores on the roof of the mouth that are due to viral or bacterial infections as well. Usually, these are referred to as canker sores, and it is best to treat them with cool water that has salt added to it. This tends to trigger the sores to react to the salinity and this can often accelerate healing.

When sores are due to a fever or infection, it is also a good idea to consider the application of ice (usually managed by holding ice chips in the mouth until melted) and then following up with Lysine tablets that help to address the condition.

Often, people will rely on Lysine as well as B-Complex supplements when sores on the roof of the mouth are an ongoing issue. This is because vitamin and mineral deficiencies and stress or hormonal changes are also causes of some mouth sores. Using supplementation of beneficial compounds can often reduce the problems, but if you find that stress really is a major concern it often requires you to identify effective relaxation techniques in order to truly alleviate the problem.

Interestingly enough, treating mouth sores and preventing them altogether can be done through basic lifestyle changes and the development of new and healthier habits.


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