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Tea Tree Oil for Gum Disease

A lot of people around the world are using tea tree oil for gum disease, a natural, remedy with proven results.

Some do this because they cannot afford traditional medical care, but most are opting to do this because the effects of natural treatments are just as reliable, far more affordable to obtain, and tend to rely entirely on all-natural ingredients.

Among the most common of these natural cures is the use of tea tree oil for gum disease issues.

This is a dental problem that has far reaching consequences if left untreated, including things like the potential for stroke or heart disease as well as permanent tooth loss too.

It is actually a condition that occurs in different stages, and the use of tea tree oil for gum disease is good for any and all of the various stages.

The Stages of Gum Disease

Let’s begin, however, with a look at the various stages of gum disease in order to allow you to better understand how tea tree oil will provide a good cure. Gum disease begins in the form of “plaque” on the teeth, and this is the substance that forms throughout the day and night. It is a mixture of saliva and the residues left behind from eating. This is what is removed by brushing the teeth and by flossing as well. Remember, food particles get wedged in between teeth and even at the gum line, and all of this can be converted into plaque.

When plaque is allowed to sit on the teeth it will buildup and harden along the tops of the teeth and at the gum line. This is known as “tartar”, and this is much more difficult to remove than standard plaque. In fact, it usually requires the specialized tools of a dental hygienist to eliminate tartar from the teeth and gums.

When it is left unchecked, however, it continues to buildup, and this leads to serious irritation of the gums. This is known as “gingivitis” and is a clear indication that gum disease is the next part of the process. The symptoms of this stage include red and swollen gums, bleeding when brushing and flossing, bad breath, and some mild discomfort.

At any of these preliminary stages, a patient can begin to use tea tree oil for gum disease issues, but once these signs are present it is imperative to take action.

This is because the next phase of the process is periodontitis, and this is when the irritation has led to infection. The infection of the teeth and gums can spread into the jaw bone, and all of this leads to the deterioration of the tissues surrounding the teeth. Once teeth no longer have the tissue and blood vessels necessary for their survival, they will be lost.

Using Tea Tree Oil

Using tea tree oil for gum disease at this point is still a great approach to dental health because the chemical properties of tea tree oil can really combat bacteria.

Consider every single step of the process…each of these phases calls out for a treatment that can easily and readily kill off the bacteria that might lead to irritation and infection. Wouldn't it be great to have a substance that fought and destroyed most of the bacteria?

That is exactly why so many people will rely on tea tree oil for gum disease control. It is a natural ingredient with powerful antibiotic properties, and simply applying a gel to the gum line, or by relying on a toothpaste with the oil as an ingredient, will be solid steps to improving your condition.

Many people will also make “gargles” with tea tree oil as well, and this is done by adding several drops to a glass of regular water, swishing it briskly around the mouth for two minutes, and then spitting out the mixture. This is a good way to use tea tree oil for gum disease, but it is also generally a great way to eliminate most of the problematic bacteria from the interior of the mouth as well.

Why use toothpastes and mouthwashes with tea tree oil for gum disease? Why not just use the over the counter options? While many of these products will tout their abilities to fight bad breath, eliminate tartar, and reduce the risks of gum disease, they are often the underlying cause behind it. This is because they can often contain chemicals that are serious irritants to those using them, and this leads to gum inflammation and immune responses that allow bacteria to enter into the gums.

Those who opt to use tea tree oil for gum disease, however, are relying only on the natural properties of the one material – and this cannot and will not ever cause irritation. Even if it were possible, the antibiotic properties of tea tree oil would have already removed the bacteria that could have been problematic.

The Problems with Gum Disease

What is the big deal about gum disease? Yes, you lose teeth, but that is not actually a threat to the health, is it? Actually, there is much more to gum disease than tooth loss, and even that is very bad for the overall health.

For example, let’s say that you don’t opt to use tea tree oil for gum disease and eventually lose several molars. This might make it very hard for you to eat a regular and healthy diet because of difficulties with chewing.

The loss of those teeth also weakens the jaw bone, and even leaves you open to infection in the empty sockets and surrounding tissue. There is also the risk of stroke thanks to the bacteria being able to enter into the blood stream as well.

Instead of taking such risks, why not just institute a plan for oral hygiene (including daily brushing and flossing and annual cleanings) and then add a few quick rinses with tea tree oil for gum disease?

It is fast, easy and nearly fool proof, and it can bring some serious advantages with very little effort or cost!


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