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Tooth Enamel Repair is Avoidable

Tooth enamel repair is an important area of maintaining a healthy and comfortable mouth.

There are many different options at your disposal, but what you should be doing is living a lifestyle where you're protecting against this from happening by taking some precautions each and every day.

Use the following tips to help prevent problems before the start, or become severe, and to have a more healthy, comfortable and great looking set of teeth.

1. You should either cut down or eliminate entirely acidic drinks, and acidic foods. This includes fruit juices and whole fruits, but also includes carbonated beverages like sodas. When you do consume them, try to do so around entire meals, which will minimize their effects as opposed to if they were taken in on their own.

2. When possible, use low-acid versions of available products, such as low-acid orange juice and other modified products.

3. After consuming acidic foods and drinks, rinse your mouth with water to remove some of the lingering compounds. This will prevent against those acids sticking to your teeth and working on them for hours after being consumed.

4. Drink acidic beverages like fruit juice and soda with a straw. By doing so, you are bypassing your teeth, preventing damage. Avoid swishing the drinks in your mouth, too.

5. End a meal, particular an acid heavy one, with a piece of cheese, glass of milk, or other dairy product, which will work to neutralize those acids.

6. Chew sugar-free gum. This will help to reduce and remove acids from food and drink, while also increasing the saliva in your mouth, which protects your enamel through the provision of key minerals and naturally protective compounds.

7. Stay hydrated all throughout the day and drink more water, preventing dry mouth and a lack of saliva, and removing any lingering acids in your mouth.

8. Switch to a soft tooth brush, and avoid brushing too aggressively, which can actually wear down your enamel as opposed to protect it. Don't try to use brute force when brushing, instead allow the bristles to do the work as you move the brush around.

9. Wait an hour to brush your teeth after having eaten acidic products. The acids leave your enamel more susceptible to being worn down and removed from brushing.

10. Fluoride toothpaste can help to strengthen your teeth and teeth enamel, fortifying it and preventing erosion problems, and can go a long way towards keeping your teeth healthy and strong.

11. Special prescription or even nonprescription but tailored toothpastes can protect against acid erosion and also reduce tooth sensitivity. Ask your dentist about what kinds of options are available.

12. Always seek out medical treatment for problems that may be bringing more acids into your mouth. This includes GERD, bulimia, alcoholism and more. Loss of tooth enamel surely wouldn't be the main concern with these issues, but it is another side effect that you will have to endure as a result.

Steps You Can Take for Tooth Enamel Repair

Even with all of these preventative and protective measures, experiencing tooth enamel loss is still something that many individuals will have to deal with.

Luckily, your dentist knows different ways to fix damaged enamel, or to help guard against further erosion and problems.

The solution that you end up choosing will be largely dependent on your specific situation, the severity of the problem, and your own needs and desires.

Tooth bonding will protect a tooth that has lost much or all of its enamel, ensuring that more problems don't arise, and that you won't experience discomfort. It will also improve the physical appearance of a tooth that had been unprotected, and may be discolored, chipped, worn down, or rough and irregular.

If you have experienced significant enamel loss, your dentist may decide to use a crown to protect it from any further damage entirely.

Hopefully by now you have a much better idea about what you can do to protect your tooth enamel. The best course of tooth enamel repair is actually to take a proactive stance, and to combat problems before they begin or worsen.

If that's not possible though, there are other tooth enamel repair solutions that can improve appearances, eliminate pain and sensitivity, and protect against further problems as well.


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