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Tooth Extraction Cost

Worried about tooth extraction costs? Dental fees can be exorbitant in some cases and most especially when coupled with a variety of other things that may need to be taken care of.

But, dealing with important matters that arise such as tooth extractions sometimes simply cannot be avoided, not to mention maintaining good dental health on a regular basis.

Because of these issues it is imperative to find the best dental services at prices you will be comfortable paying.

So What Should a Tooth Extraction Cost?

Although an unpleasant thought for some of us, some teeth must be extracted for one reason or another.

The exact tooth extraction cost will, of course, depend on variables such as whether or not you live in a large city or a small, rural community, the size of the dental practice, and also the complexity of your case.

Prices for a simple extraction are usually between $100 and $200 for a simple procedure done on a tooth that is in a "normal" position and therefore the easiest to access.

Naturally not all teeth are quite so easy to remove and some must be surgically extracted thereby escalating the fees involved. In that case, you can expect to pay roughly anywhere from $180 to $350 for the surgical extraction of one erupted tooth.

Helpful Hints for Tooth Extraction Cost Estimation

Although it is certainly true that some dental practices are focused on developing an ongoing relationship with patients to improve their dental health and will therefore prefer to answer specific questions during an examination, most will be more than happy to provide a ballpark figure via a telephone inquiry.

Do keep in mind is that dental receptionists or other office personnel aren't necessarily being difficult if they are unable to give you an exact dollar amount for a tooth extraction when calling around to comparison shop. A wide variety of mitigating circumstances that would not be discovered until the procedure was actually taking place may cause the cost of the procedure to change significantly.

Obviously a telephone conversation is unable to paint a true and accurate picture of the work that may need done so it would essentially be impossible for a dental practice to give precise total amounts of their services.

Fortunately, the ADA, the American Dental Association, has a numeric system in place for easily referencing dental procedures which will help you tremendously in your quest to find the best basic prices for tooth extractions. This series of numbers is used to recognize and reference various procedures and it is a universal system used by dental practitioners as well as insurers.

When calling dental offices or practices of interest for prices simply ask the receptionist for the accompanying ADA codes used to identify the procedures associated with those fees. This way you can reference these codes when calling other offices for their respective information and fees.

Finally, remember that the lowest tooth extraction cost isn't necessarily an indicator of the best service.

While price is certainly a primary factor, there are a number of others you should use to make your final decision when it comes to selecting the right dentist for taking care of your tooth extraction.


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