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The Benefits of Using Toothpaste Dispensers

Why toothpaste dispensers? Everyone knows the classic tale – one person in a household squeezes the toothpaste tube from the center, and another very meticulously squeezes the tube from the bottom and ensures that every last bit of paste is used.

The arguments over toothpaste tube handling might seem somewhat silly, but there is a lot to be said about frugality and even hygiene where toothpaste usage is concerned.

This brief discussion is going to take a look at the use of toothpaste dispensers to overcome the perennial debate about tube squeezing "styles" and will uncover the many benefits to be gained through the use of high-quality dentifrice dispensers as well.

Benefits of Toothpaste Dispensers

The first thing to consider is the way that dentifrice dispensers actually work. For one thing, they are extremely beneficial when they are the totally "hands free" types.

This is because they allow the user to keep their hands clean and tidy, the tube of toothpaste to remain free from germs or contamination (just think of the germs and materials a tube of toothpaste contacts whenever it is dropped anywhere in the bathroom), and ensures that the appropriate amount of paste is dispensed.

Is all of that really to be considered some sort of benefit? Absolutely! Let's just think of the first item listed as a health benefit of toothpaste dispensers – they keep the hands clean.

How often have you walked into the bathroom only to find that your kids have left a seriously sticky mess behind? This is because they probably tracked toothpaste across the counter, on their hands, and then everywhere else! If the entire process of dispensing the toothpaste remained "hands free" there would be a lot less likelihood for the terrible messes.

If you don't have kids, you are still well aware of the mess that one small "blop" of toothpaste might make on the counters, sink, and your clothing.

Using the pressure of the dispenser, you are guaranteed that no long and sticky strands of toothpaste are tracked across the counter and that the paste is so firmly planted against the bristles that it cannot fall on to your unprotected garments.

Hygiene and Health

Next, it is absolutely essential to consider the ways in which the toothpaste dispensers can prevent a tube from being contaminated with any of the most common bathroom germs.

For example, any household in which someone has a cold will also be a household in which almost every surface has germs. Now, the person who has to pick up the tube of toothpaste only just replaced by someone carrying cold germs is almost sure to get a good dose of the germs from the outside of the tube.

What about the floor and the toilet? How often do things like toothbrushes and containers of toiletries end up on the floor or even in the toilet? This is such a common occurrence that it really does pay to consider how the better toothpaste dispensers can totally eliminate the problem.

How would they do this? Most are mounted to the wall area above the bathroom sink, and use suction cups to keep them in place. They also tend to use vacuum force to squeeze the paste out of the tube.

This is usually triggered by a flap that the toothbrush pushes against, and this ensures that no germs can be transferred by a drop of the tube or contact from contaminated hands.

Quality Dispensers

Remember too that many lower quality toothpaste dispensers will tend to keep the tubes open, and this often leads to a serious "crust" or plug of toothpaste developing at the dispensing point.

A well made model will ensure that no such problems occur, and that every single bit of the paste is taken from the tube. This prevents the cap from ending up down the bathroom drain and a huge amount of paste from being wasted. (It can also spare someone an explosion of paste firing out of the tube when the blockage is cleared!)

The flap system toothpaste dispensers also ensure that an appropriate amount of paste is distributed each time.

This is because the devices are designed to use the same amount of force each time they are triggered, and this combined with their abilities to completely empty the tube will mean that proper dental hygiene is made much easier through the use of toothpaste dispensers.


That's all well and fine, you might be saying, but what about the "ugly factor"?

Wouldn't most toothpaste dispensers mean that a tube of toothpaste is stuck right up on the bathroom wall?

Not really, most of the high-quality models use a cover that just slides over the entire fixture and keeps the tube of toothpaste hidden from sight.

Kids Play

Another great thing to consider about the use of the dispensers is the way that they can encourage children to brush their teeth often.

For many years now dental professionals have tried to use all kinds of tactics to help younger patients to begin to view their dental hygiene as a fun or exciting task.

Using a toothpaste dispenser makes the entire process of brushing the teeth a lot more of an exciting time.

It also helps the child to learn the appropriate amount of paste to use for each brushing and flossing activity too.


The best dispensers tend to work with any type of paste (including the popular gel varieties), with the only stipulation being that they are distributed in traditionally sized tubes.

They can be found in a range of different designs in order to allow them to work with almost any type of bathroom style or décor. There are also some different options for dispensers that are less "hands free".

For example, many parents find it useful to purchase a "toothpaste head" for their children or even themselves. These tend to slide up a tube of toothpaste and squeeze the tube up to the very top. While these can be decorative and easy to use, they cannot offer the same kind of cleanliness, convenience, and capabilities as the best dispensers.


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