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Toothpaste –also known as dentifrice- is one of those things we all have around the house and use every day. 

It's one of those household items you never want to run out of because it plays such an important role in keeping your teeth healthy. You might not put much thought into the particular dentifrice you buy. 

Some people simply use the same brand and flavor or variety they've been using since childhood.  There are, however, a lot of things to think about regarding dentifrice. 

Different Kinds

To begin with, there is a wide assortment of brands, flavors and varieties of toothpaste. 

Some is formulated for what might best be called "general purpose use", suitable for the teeth of both children and adults. 

Other types are formulated to provide a specific type of benefit, such as "sensitivity dentifrice", for example.  As its name implies, that particular type of product helps people who have sensitive teeth. 

That's just one of the specific types that are available, however.  You could also buy teeth whitening paste, children dentifrice, fluoride free, sls free dentifrice or organic, and so on.

Why Toothpaste?

There's much more to the subject than most people realize, and that's why an entire section of our web site is devoted entirely to discussing this seemingly-mundane product that provides such significant oral hygiene benefits. 

You'll learn a great deal about dentifrice by reading the articles in this important section.

For example, in addition to learning about different types and how dentifrice works, you'll learn that dentifrice isn't just used for brushing teeth. 

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that dentifrice can be used to shine chrome, clean the rubber portions of tennis shoes, remove crayon marks from your walls and clean piano keys, among other things. 

Some people even use dentifrice to get rid of their pimples!

How Does It Work?

Have you been curious about how dentifrice works in keeping your teeth healthy? 

We'll tell you how dentifrice contain abrasives that help dislodge food particles and bacteria far better than brushing with plain water. 

Most dentifrice also contains fluoride, a substance that can help your teeth's enamel. But the use of fluoride free dentifrice is sometimes preferred because of the possible health risks associated with a fluoride overdose.

Have you been wondering which teeth whitening dentifrice is best?  If so, you can learn more about these products by reading our discussion of dentifrices that are specifically formulated to whiten and brighten your teeth.

Children and Oral Health

Parents might be interested in reading our article about dentifrice for children.  Many children's dentifrice have fun flavors, like bubble gum or tropical fruit, to entice children to brush their teeth thoroughly. 

Children's dentifrice also comes in a variety of festive colors, and some is associated with characters that are popular with children.

Most dentifrice contains fluoride, as does the water most of us drink.  Unfortunately, a young child who is overexposed to fluoride can develop a permanent condition called "dental fluorosis", which usually only causes staining on the teeth but in severe cases can cause pitting and cracking. 

Some parents want their children to use non-fluoride dentifrice to reduce their children's exposure to this substance. 

While we're on the subject of children, you can also read about elephant dentifrice in our dedicated section.  Basically, elephant dentifrice is an impressive "fountain of foam" produced during a simple science experiment.  It's a fun, easy way to get young children interested in science and teach them how different ingredients can be used to make things.

Still other readers will be interested in the possibilities offered by what might be called "alternative toothpastes," including types with essential oil, organic dentifrice, homemade dental products and the well-known dentifrice sold by Tom's of Maine (sometimes simply referred to as Toms dentifrice). 

Tom's of Maine is a reputable company that has committed itself to manufacturing and selling all-natural dentifrice that contains no artificial ingredients, flavors, fragrances or preservatives.  Its tootpastes are developed without animal testing, and the packaging the company uses is recyclable.  Naturally, you'll find plenty of information about these products in our dedicated section.

The Right Amount

We'll also discuss dentifrice dispensers.  They're handy items, but not everyone even realizes they exist.  They can help you (or even more importantly, your children) dispense the proper amount of dentifrice onto the toothbrush, reducing both waste and the potential for a bathroom mess. 

Travel-sized dentifrice is another handy product we'll discuss.  Why take a full-sized tube of dentifrice when a much smaller tube will give you plenty for the entire trip and take up less space in your luggage?

As you can see, there is much to learn about toothpaste.  Please take a look through our dedicated section to learn more.

Did you know that there are all kinds of uses for dentifrice? For instance using dentifrice for pimples is an effective treatment with proven results.


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