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Travel Sized Toothpaste On The Go

You might have noticed an aisle filled with a selection of different brands of small, travel sized toothpaste and other health and dental care items while you've been shopping at the grocery store or pharmacy. 

Travel-sized toothpaste is perfect for traveling because it gives you enough toothpaste to take care of your needs while taking up hardly any space in your carry-on bag or other luggage. 

When you're traveling, travel sizes are much more convenient than the larger tubes of toothpaste you would buy for use at home.

Travel Kits

You can buy travel sized toothpaste on its own, but some brands are also included as one of the components of what are called "travel packs" or "oral care kits." 

These very handy travel packs contain not only a travel-sized tube of toothpaste, but also an antibacterial travel toothbrush and a hygienic toothbrush case.  The travel toothbrushes in these kits are often foldable and the case keeps the toothbrush clean and protected while it's not in use. 

Some oral care kits are even more comprehensive and include a travel-sized container of dental floss, a travel sized bottle of mouthwash and/or a tongue scraper in addition to the travel sized toothpaste, travel toothbrush and case, all in a compact package that conforms to airline carry-on regulations. 

And, if you have young children, dental care travel packs have been designed specifically for kids.  Among other things, they include a travel size of the sparkly or fruit-flavored toothpaste that young children find so appealing.

In addition to being so convenient for traveling, travel sized toothpaste can be handy in several other situations.  For example, these smaller sizes of toothpaste are great for "oral hygiene on the go" and are easily carried in a briefcase, handbag, backpack or gym bag. 

Travel-sized toothpaste is very small, so you can easily keep one in your desk at the office, your car, or your locker at school or work.  They can also be very handy for college students who live in the cramped quarters of dorm rooms. 

Great On the Go

Travel sized toothpaste or a complete travel sized oral care kit can be a great stocking-stuffer for a son or daughter who is off at college, but they are even more appreciated when they're part of a gift basket sent off to deployed military personnel. 

Practicing good oral hygiene is often difficult for soldiers under fire in the field, and the supplies necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums can be in short supply at military bases located in or near combat zones.  You can help your friends or loved ones who are on active duty by sending them some travel sized toothpaste or an oral care kit.

Cheap Samples

Travel-sized toothpaste also gives you the opportunity to try out a new brand or type of toothpaste quite inexpensively. 

Several brands of travel-sized toothpaste are available, and you can choose from varieties that offer teeth whitening, cavity protection and tartar defense.  Fruit-flavored and sparkly children's toothpaste is also sold this way.  Even Tom's of Maine is getting into the act by selling travel sized natural toothpaste.

New Traveling Concepts

A product called a "dental finger mitt" provides another convenient, easy-to-carry alternative while you're traveling, at work, at school or in your car.  You simply wipe your teeth after slipping one of these small pre-moistened pads over your index finger.  It only takes a few seconds to have a much fresher-feeling mouth.

The popularity of travel-sized toothpaste and oral care kits zoomed up almost immediately when the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (the "TSA") began severely limiting the quantities of gels, liquids and so forth that are permissible in fliers' carry-on bags. 

Carry-on rules require containers that hold no more than three ounces, and each flight passenger's personal care items must be placed inside a single, quart-size, clear zip-lock bag.  Depending on the brand, travel size toothpaste is generally between 0.6 ounces and 1.5 ounces, so the container falls well within the 3-ounce limit.


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