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Woven Dental Floss

What about woven dental floss? Dental floss is dental floss, right?  And a string is just a string is just a string.

Since you're reading about this, you must have come to the realization that, in daily practice, not everyone is happy with regular glide-style dental floss, whether it's waxed or unwaxed. 

Let's take a look at a new variation: Dental floss in a woven form.

Most dental floss is a traditional style, thin and waxy. 

If you're looking for something different like woven dental floss, you can expect that it might be a little more difficult to find. 

The people who swear by it are willing to drive a little farther for it, once they find a store that sells it, and will pay more as well. 

Why do most people seek something different in their dental floss?  Usually it's because when they floss they repeatedly cut their gums with the floss.  Because they recognize the importance of flossing and remain committed to it as part of their daily regimen, they seek out a different type.

Actually, if they were flossing correctly, they would not cause trauma to the gums.  You can see our page on proper flossing technique for tips and pointers if you're among this group.

Other people are using the correct technique for flossing, but their gums are especially sensitive.  They swear by woven floss as a gentler product.  Yet others prefer its more substantial feel because they believe it cleans their teeth better.

And you will also talk to people whose gums aren't sensitive, but their fingertips are -and this floss is much more gentle when it's wound around your fingertips.

It is true that woven dental floss has a round, woven texture to it, characteristic of a rope.  It is softer than standard dental floss, and so accidents involving trauma to the gums -or the fingers- happen much less often. 

The biggest lure of woven dental floss is the texture itself, which offers an easier grip.  Most people who fumble around with regular floss enjoy the fact that this product can be gripped easily in the fingers, without pinching.  You can play it out during the flossing process without losing your hold on it. 

Many people like the more substantial feel that it offers, and they feel that it gets their teeth cleaner. In research published in the Journal of Periodontology, however, clinicians found that all flosses clean equally well. 

No one type does a better job than any other.  However, if you feel more comfortable with a woven floss, and if you find it more comfortable to use, then you are more likely to floss on a regular basis, and that's what will optimize the health of your teeth and gums.

Many woven flosses offer a cool mint coating, and people love the "burst of cool" that they feel when they floss.  There is never a waxy aftertaste, even though most woven flosses are lightly waxed. 

People also love the fact that the piece of floss feels different as it wears out and it reminds them to move on to a new section of floss. 

That's very important, because floss captures bacteria as you use it, and if you don't keep moving on to new sections of floss you will redistribute the bacteria on your teeth. 

If you have youngsters in the household, you might find that they can hold this type of floss more easily, and they will have better success with their flossing.  Considering your efforts to keep your kids' teeth healthy, woven floss might make all the difference!

Should you brush first or floss first? 

Some dentists say that flossing first is more important, because you clear away debris from between the teeth and your toothbrush can reach crevices more easily. Others insist that it really doesn't matter as long as you perform both twice daily.  Using floss that fits your specific needs will keep you on track with regular use.

Woven dental floss is not easily found in many stores.  Some people stumble upon it initially by accident, either using it while visiting a friend or from a free sample courtesy of the dentist. 

When they cannot find it in their local stores, they discover that online purchase offers a convenient option.

In most cases it's available in packs of six or nine; and users love the ability to keep one in each bathroom at home, one at the office, one in the purse or briefcase, and so forth. 


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